Digital Dissertation: You Should Learn to Use Them Properly

In the modern digital world people have more options and opportunities. Students need less time to find the necessary information for their researches since there is plenty of information available on the Internet with Thus, many students use numerous digital dissertation databases and collections.

Is it so effective to use digital dissertations? Well, it can be very helpful, but some students make mistakes and such fruitful use turns into disaster. How to escape from possible negative consequences of using a digital dissertation?

First of all, do not copy anything from digital dissertation. Your cheating will be revealed anyway: there are so many programs which can find any plagiarism. If you do want to use some ideas stated in a digital dissertation, format your references according to your school requirements.

Many students use some digital dissertations as templates for their own papers. Well, it is possible and can save a lot of time on formatting, but you should mind that there are two dangerous traps. First, you may forget to delete some parts of a digital dissertation and you can be accused of plagiarizing.

Secondly, the format of the digital dissertation you use may differ from the format requirements existing at your school, and your thesis can be rejected. Thus, be very attentive: check whether all format details coincide with required format, and do make sure there is nothing left from the digital dissertation content.
It is very convenient to work with such dissertations since you may find the necessary passages using Ctrl+F combination, but you should remember that your research should be based on more substantial works. Of course, you may refer to some thesis, but theses should not comprise the majority of your bibliography list.

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