Essay Writing Activities: Be Aware of All of the Activities

Essay writing is a frequent academic writing activity for students at all levels of education. Essay writing helps to develop writing, cognitive, and analytical skills.

Developing these skills in the shortest time makes these frequent writing exercises easy on students. There are definite activities associated with essay writings. Awareness of these activities in essay writing makes the development of these skills quicker.

Tips to developing awareness of essay writing activities

These tips assist in becoming aware of the activities in essay writing.

  • Essay writing activities start with deciding on the topic of the essay. This requires extensive reading on the subject matter.
  • Before actually starting the essay, essay writing activities involve the preparation of an outline. This is the route map of the ideas that will go into the essay.
  • Deciding on the thesis statement is next in the essay writing activities. The thesis statement must be crisp and fresh to inspire the writing of the essay and the reading of the essay.
  • The wring and development of the main body is the next activity. The body is to be broken down into main points. Sub-points developed into paragraphs are worked into the main points. The sub-points are expanded and examples included.
  • The next in essay writing activities is writing the introduction to the essay. This may seem lopsided, but is the more efficient way to write an introduction.
  • The conclusion follows in the essay writing activities. The conclusion summarizes what is in the main body working towards reemphasis of the thesis statement.
  • Editing and proof reading what has been written to provide the finishing touches is the final step in the essay writing activities.

These activities comprise the activities in essay writing.

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