An Essay on Revenge: A Variety of Ideas to Develop in Your Paper

You get an assignment to create an essay on revenge, and now, you are burning with a desire to find a captivating idea to develop. Many students prefer to analyze different situations which require revenge; some students like to evaluate the essence of revenge as a result of grievance.

You do not want to use the already offered examples but do want to introduce a captivating idea to impress the reader and enjoy the process of your essay on revenge writing

First Idea

There are many ways of how people prefer to take revenge, and movies may become good sources of inspiration for your essay on revenge.

  1. Commando: in your essay on revenge, describe how an angry father is ready to take any kinds of actions to save his daughter;
  2. Kill Bill: your essay on revenge may be about the bloody revenge for a number of unfair murders used by the character of Uma Thurman;
  3. Gladiator: in an essay on revenge, evaluate how the desire to take a revenge may fill in a human life;
  4. The Godfather: use Vito’s vengeance as the main source for your essay on revenge.

Second Idea

Your essay on revenge may become more real and more captivating in case you try to invent your own ideas for revenge and grounds which make a person take revenge. Maybe, the following ideas will inspire you:

  • Your essay on revenge may be based on your life in college: a tutor evaluated your work unfairly just because you missed one of his classes. What kind of revenge you are going to choose free essay writer?
  • You may develop an essay on revenge after your fellow used your project as her own work and get an A+. You have to work more to develop another work. Share your plan of vengeance in an essay on revenge.

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