Financial Essays: Explore the Driving Power of Money

Assignment of financial essays is most widespread in commerce-related courses, and students are often lost at the perspective of writing one. Indeed, financial essays deal with an enormous variety of topics and require handling large bulks of information in a concise clear way. Here is some advice that will help you in writing your financial essay.

Financial Essays: Topics

Each essay starts with choosing a topic and free essay writing service. In case with financial essay, the choice is almost unlimited. Following are but a few examples of a possible financial essay topic areas:

  • nature of finance;
  • branches of finance;
  • personal, corporate, public, project or trade finance;
  • history of finance;
  • accounting and bookkeeping;
  • commodities and securities;
  • insurance, etc.

Financial Essays: Tasks and Focus

With such variety of topics for financial essays, it is clear that a well-written financial essay presupposes employing a complex approach to the issue, as well as enhances the comprehension of corresponding principles and practices of finance. The main focus of financial essays are concepts and theories of finance and of any other directly or indirectly related subjects.

Financial Essays: How to Tackle the Essay Question

Once you have defined the topic of your financial essay, proceed to the following steps:

  1. make sure you thoroughly understand the essay question;
  2. define all the terms involved in your financial essay to avoid misinterpretations;
  3. interpret the task of your financial essay according to the following words:
  • examine (analyze, break down, dissect, discuss, study): dig deeply to the core of the question bringing around the hidden issues;
  • contrast (include compare, consider, equate, liken, reveal): comment on the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences of two issues;
  • assess (appraise, evaluate, measure, value): provide your evaluation of the issue based on its thorough analysis;
  • debate (agree, argue, contend, disagree, indicate, lay out, reason, take issue): take a stand in a controversial issue and prove your point by relevant arguments referring to counterarguments as well.

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