Analytical Essay Topics for Your Research or Term Papers

When writing an analytical college essay the proper topic can make or break your paper, the following are several examples of topics you can utilize in analytical essays from paper writers:

  1. Pop Culture Topics for Analytical essays

    • How was pop culture influences affected the perception of people regarding weight and weight loss?
    • Do the various pop culture icons seen on TV create a fantasy image that people want to achieve but can never live up to?
    • Has the Photoshop culture seen on magazine print ads and advertisements contributed to the growing negative perceptions of people regarding their self image?
  2. History Topics for an Analytical Essay

    • Has America’s past relationship with the Philippines create a moral and ethical basis for future intervention in the Spratley island claims against China?
    • How has America’s past history with China affect its present day economic relationship with the country?
    • What is the historical basis behind the conflict in Palestine and the building of “the Wall” along the West Bank?
  3. International Relations Topics for Analytical Essays

    • How has creation of the European Union exposed its members to greater economic problems as seen in the case of Greece?
    • Is NATO still necessary in light of the fact that the basis of its creation (fighting against the U.S.S.R) no longer exists?
    • What are the possible ramifications of increased Chinese aggression within the South China Sea?
  4. Economic Topics for Analytical College Essays

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