Title Page Format: Learn the True Professionals’ Ultimate Secret

Well, you’ve written your paper and are about to sigh with relief… Hold it. What was that about the format for a title page?

Title Page Format: To Check Before Starting the Creative Process

Before you begin to format the title page, make certain that you:

  1. Checked the citation style you have to use;
  2. Adjusted the title of your paper to make it look cool;
  3. Made sure that the margins are 1” each;
  4. Used a very specific paper title.

Just follow these tips, and you’ll understand how to format in APA or any other style. Speaking of various formats…

Title Page Format: Spot Five Differences. MLA and APA Variations

There’s a lot in common between the APA and MLA format for a title page. Care to check both the similarities and the differences?

Title page APA and MLA

Similarities from FreeEssayWriter.org

  • The title is placed in the center of the page;
  • The title is placed 1/3 down from the page top;
  • The first name of the author is placed under the title;
  • The date is placed 1” from the bottom of the page.


Title page format APAMLA title page format

The title page:

  1. is a must;
  2. requires a page number (”1”);
  3. has a RUNNING HEAD;
  4. can include an institutional affiliation;
  5. requires the author’s first name (“M. Sullivan”).

The title page:

  1. can be omitted;
  2. is not included into the page count;
  3. does not need a running head;
  4. does not include an institutional affiliation;
  5. requires the author’s first name in the possessive case (”by M. Sullivan”).

Title Page Format: Keep in Mind All the Important Peculiarities!

When dealing with the APA format title page, you’re dealing with running heads – that’s the hard truth you have to live with. Now let’s see how to handle this curse of an APA title page format:

  • the running head has to be written in capitals;
  • the running head is a shortened title;
  • the running head must be up to 50 characters long.

That’s how a perfect title page for APA is made!

Title Page Format Guidelines: Make the Creative Process Easier!

Here are the tips that work for both title page APA format and title page format MLA:

  1. split the title page in four parts;
  2. make sure that the page title is above the horizontal line;
  3. check that your name and institutional affiliation are below the horizontal line;
  4. make sure that there are no unnecessary elements on the page.

Once you check all these items, you’ll get a fantastic title page in APA or MLA!

Title Page Format: Remember the Most Essential Recommendations!

Whether you’re writing a title page for MLA format or one for APA, remember to…

  • Pick and use a single font (Arial, Times, etc.);
  • Use a single font size (12 pt, 14 pt, etc.);
  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters for the title;
  • Use uppercase letters for the running head;
  • Put the date on the title page (e.g., 24, March, 2012).

Hallelujah! Now you don’t have to Google for another set of “format title page” instructions – you’ve got all you need to create a really impeccable title page right now. So, what are you waiting for? Your title page is what gives readers the first impression of your research, so let’s start doing the make-up!

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